To be clear there is no tattooing at the Ballarat address.
I am fully licensed by the state and will find a new shop location. I will be searching for a new shop elsewhere, any donations or contributions
 would be appreciated and can be directed to my "" - PayPal account.  All money raised, if any, will be seriously applied to opening a new shop in a different city.  I am drained from my legal case - however I believe zoning is changed for the better for future tattoo artists, but I am out of cash.   Thanks in advance everyone!  People are the best, I picked the wrong town. I fought a fight for Tattoo Artists and Artists in general everywhere. We have the right to pursue our professions under the constitution and not be regulated out of existence. I expected the
 State of Washington Court to respond to this artistic cause.  Is there a hidden benefactor out there?  Please?  Thanks you in advance. Further communication can be directed to my email address of "",also for donations or serious assistance in donating a space for my new shop for a while to get me on my feet and gain good publicity for you the donor.Just to move and open I need to raise $20,000. I am saddened by this unexpected outcome and what I feel was an unfair treatment by the court.After a solid 15 years or so of continuing self employment in my own shops I don't want it to end here.  Perhaps Redmond, Bellingham, Gig Harbor or Snoqualmie would be better locations, with assistance. I am honestly confused, frustrated, and need time to process this long struggle - it helped make good changes for future artists.
A good friend just surprised me and threw up a donation site.

Use this link to send a donation to help me relocate and move my shop, thank you.