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I am an ever evolving artist of all imaginable possibilities, keep hope alive, live life with gusto & passion.

Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C. - 230 Ballarat North  Unit A - North Bend, WA 98045-9145
Get on your motorcycle and ride over and get fresh ink, today! Well maybe not currently in the rainy season, he he he.

KiroTV News to start day and return here.

Weather in North Bend, WA and you can check you local area

Hit "Fortune Cookie" to start
your day with a reading
"Fortune Cookie"

Three good friends and
regulars, bond a bit.

I cannot possible make everyone happy
with the way I write on my website. 
It is an expression of myself, not you. 
It is meant to be all the info you need on tattoos and kind of a Galactic Newsletter
of stuff for fun and distraction
from mundane living.
Relax and enjoy.

A Ford Mustang logo. Simple and sharp, nice lines, minimal precise shading.

My legacy will be - he tried, sold nothing, achieved Nirvana a day late, and a dollar short - at least.
Some other places to find me
and my works of art.
Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C
is on Facebook also.
 David Herman
See Me Art,
Tattoo artist

Buy a "Tote Bag" from
"Cave of Doz"
artworks by me. They are printed both sides and are original designs by me.

Below are my skateboard designs.
They reside at:

Walk -ins welcome, see
"Prep for a Tattoo"
tab above first.

You may visit just to
buy a painting
without getting a tattoo.

New Lotus on upper shoulder.

Megan gets a scorpion on
her neck, look out world.

A new "Rebel" joins the Alliance, may the "Force" be with her.

Some "Iron Man" tattoos I have done.
When people call and ask me
if I do Iron Man tattoos,
the first thing I think of
is the Super Hero - "Iron Man" - always,
then they explain it is about|
 the challenge of Iron Man, ooops.

Before you pay big medical dollars
to remove a tattoo,
 have an ugly scar,
and still need to get tattooed:
come in and get
a "cover-up" quote from me.

I will cover up the old tattoo
with new ink and save you
the outrageous
plastic surgeon costs

Serving the State of Washington in North Bend.
Living and tattooing in the Northwest in Washington State.
In business for the last 9 years, tattooing thousands of life-forms.
All quotes done in person at the shop.
Call to set up an appointment to be
tattooed at shop 425 895-8519.

"Live your beliefs and you
can turn your world around."

Look for the shop from the street,
because there is no signage.

The new shop, look for the lattice wooden fence.
 It is in North Bend, Washington - not in Redmond.

Buddhist Artwork and Symbols
Asian art website  for Kanji.

Bulletin Board Notices
Links to unusual & current changes below.

Above, if you click this colorful rectangle, you can visit
my friend Taron's fabulous software.  It is a work of love, long hours, and dedication to the arts.  It is by far the best painting program, to use, to create a painting with real fluid dynamics.  Take the time to learn it, I personally am investing many hours to learn this.  It will get better and better.  It challenges your brain to "think out" what you do first.  Make mistakes and learn this evolving tool.  This man is a genius.

Best beach in Washington, 
Golden Gardens, awesome
and awesome sunsets, too.

I was shown a great digital music channel,,
by a friend - try this - it also gives you options
to play through Winamp, and similar products.

Watch this



It humorously shows
a crazy tattoo scenario.

World Travelers are welcome, find me and the shop for your custom work and unique experience.
So far I have tattooed people from Redmond, Duvall, Bothell, Kirkland, Renton, Portland, North Bend, Bellevue, Woodinville, Everett, Conconully, West Chicago, Sammamish, San Diego, Nevada City, Seattle, Albany, Canby, Lynnwood and more, and various other states of the USA, even Rhode Island. whew!
Tourists also from Australia, Canada, South Africa, Europe,
Russia, India, Asia, Germany, China, Japan almost everywhere.

I attempt to distract people from their daily life
and make this a different website.
You will finds links everywhere in between the art and tattoos,
allow yourself to explore fun theories, UFOs,
ancient archeology, vastly different civilizations
and return to study details in tattoos.

Call to book your appointment, that is preferred
because I hike, bike, kayak, and generally live an artist lifestyle.

Doz enjoying a moment on the playa at
Burning Man 2012.
Log in to Facebook after you hit the above link
to see spectacular photos of the grand festival.

I am taking a break
from offering piercing services. 
I will need to revise some areas of the website
when I get a chance.

One of my most favorite passages of prose from the writings of William Blake.
To me it is beautiful and sums it all up:

"To see a world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour."

There are some haters of everything in the world, let them try to please others
and deal with people like them.  They would soon change their ways. 
Click the Avatar of any hater in a review on the net
to see - that they always hate - everything they review.
It takes lots of work to make a business and make it diverse and interesting to all.  Open you eyes, your mind might follow.  Every public figure has to deal with critics and haters. Every actor, artist, sports figure and more.  Yet a hater tries to destroy for no reason a lifetime of effort and work by another, make up your own minds. 
The net has valuable learning information. 
Learn something, today, for the betterment of yourself
and succeed where others fail.

Latest reviews of the shop on "CitySearch."

Above is a nice Red Dragon, done
in two 4 hours sittings with 19 colors.
Please click each photo to enlarge and study details.

Mike adds some ink to both sides
of inner arm opposite
the elbow in the inside joint.

Corey pops in in the heat of the moment for some fresh ink. 
He calls up a "King Spade"
tattoo on the hand challenge. 
I am told they are a band.

German Family Crest
Nordic Tridents.

The center of the
Mapuche Indian flag,
a people living in Argentina
and Chile, is a spiritual pattern
on their shaman's drum.
Here is a two color example:
Red and Yellow.
A difficult challenge
of geometry in tattooing.
Contained in this revered symbol
is the proportion ratio of 1.618,
 sacred geometry.

A creative and happy
"Love/Infinity" symbol.

A fantastic photo essay & story of:
350 varieties of humming birds 
from PBS.

All of my paintings inside the shop
are for sale.  The majority combine sacred geometry & the human figure.

Doz having good times at
"Mario Barth's Greatest
Tattoo Show on Earth".
We went to Vegas for 10/28//2012 show, great fun, great inking, a riot!

- one atom thick.
Stronger than diamonds.
The future material
is here now.

One crazy and fun website,
over 2,000 images
of my tattoos.

Please enjoy some of the first new tattoos
in North Bend that I inked. 
A beautiful Foo Dog as a guardian & protector of family,
a lucky clover with stylized ladybug foot tattoo,
"spiral hearts" (relating to the Golden Rectangle and the 1.618proportion,
and a special cat paw print.

do not bring children
to my shop, it is an adult shop.
Thank you for your understanding.
No one under 18 will be allowed in my shop.

An important
phrase for the client. 
Done 1/20/2011.

New ink for Lucy
Continuing to
build her sleeve.
Lucy on Ink-Dolls.

Please Support me on
my artist channel,
I am trying
to win a contest.

It works best on "Chrome" because "Explorer" may not be their computer friend.

"Chathulu" of H.P.Lovecraft

Female is spirit rising through material world as a tree.

New tattoo on 9/27/2011.

Moon as line art on
back of a client's neck.

Redmond Washington Tattoos from the beginning days after opening up here.

Earth Science News
Experience life.
  For the unique tattoo and piercing audience. 
For people interested in more things than the average human, I offer more.

Keep Happy with new celebratory tattoos and piercings.  Go ahead and treat yourself,
you deserve it.

Test your psychic powers - psychic puzzles, I Ching,
 and a whole lot more.

Enjoy your new found freedom, when a relationship ends, with a liberating tattoo. 
Many of my clients get their first tattoo after a
"Break up".
Set yourself free! 
Besides your next mate will find you to have many interesting traits.

Really - if you want a good tattoo, by a dedicated artist, it helps to familiarize yourself a little,
study the website, surf the folder tabs up top and then call first to discuss an appointment.

Take the time to browse, read and surf my website like reading a newspaper -
walking through a science museum, or as a curious individual.

Just in stock now! the tiniest nose studs possible for nose piercings,
cute nose bones, nostril screws, 20 gauge nostril rings, on sale now.
Clear and colors available in the tiny nose studs
Inventory Closeouts
Tongue Bar Jewelry on sale:  Gold 14 kt tongue bars for 14 gauge, pick from two lengths -  9/16" and 1/2" - only $20 plus tax everyday!

Kicking off a three week journey to 'Frisco with a new anchor.


Lucy adds her shoulder cap to her "Pink Floyd"  tattoo sleeve on 2/17/2013.

Some photos of the new surroundings.
Here are the four corners of the "NEW" tattooing space.

Scrabble tattoo, in the configuration
of the letters placed by his sons on a table.

The best way, to get the best art, is to come prepared to discuss your tattoo
with some reference material, printouts, maybe a photo, or if a text tattoo to play with fonts for some familiarity with your design and a good starting point for discussion and invest some time beforehand to think about what you want.

Get a quote today, just walk in - or call for an appointment. 
You can also use Paypal to pay for goods and services.
All styles done here.  One Happy, silly, fun, shop.
See about 2000 photographs of tattoos and clients on this website,
surf the "Tattoos Organized" tab above for pages of organized tattoos.

Good place to get tattooed for the "first timer" to the most critical seasoned tattoo collector.
Remember I am sarcastic, irreverent,
wacky, I try to have fun, provoke thought, weave a spell.

Today is November 13,2012.  
I want to thank everyone that has gotten tattoos and piercings
here over these last 7 1/2 years.
I appreciate your continuing support. Have a happy holiday season.
May your life be an adventure in the exploration of people, places, and your mind.
I extend sincere wishes and blessing during this holiday season to all peoples of the earth and may we have the good fortune, the determination, the will to forge ahead into the future.  Find your place with the help of the cosmos and overtime become at peace with all beings and things.
Such is the way of life.

Below is the Vital/Helpful Information :
Regular hours: 11:00 to 8:00 daily.
New Flexible hours
: if you come in prior to the day of your tattoo and
make a down payment during a consultation,
I can schedule you toward your best availability.
What that means -  is you can have an earlier in the morning
 or later in the evening tattoo - if a must.  I prefer early day work.
Autoclave - located in the shop for sterilizing. 
Member of the Autoclave Testing Service (ATS). 
Sterilizer/Autoclave regularly tested by lab.
Member of the National Tattoo Association - 10 yrs
All needles are used ONCE per client.
All ink trays and ink cups are single use, all medicines are single use. 
Passed all test and inspections with flying colors in the State of Washington.
If you call and get my answering machine, while I am working, or out of the shop briefly running an errand just speak clearly and leave your name, phone number, and message.  I return all calls, if I can get the area code to the phone number and the phone number clearly.  When you call from a car with the windows down and wind in the background I cannot understand what you are saying.
Thanks let's make your tattoo happen.

All styles of tattooing done here.
It is always best to call first, 425 895-8519, and set up an appointment or consultation.  I accept walk-ins, if I am not tattooing when you walk in. If I am tattooing you will have to wait or return when I am done with the client I am working on. I offer a peaceful one - to - one session, just for you. I am glad to serve everyone. A one man shop it is about each individual customer and not about being a tattoo factory.
I also sell my paintings and am available for art commissions.
Each tattoo is important to the customer and may have many special connections,
so I respect that and keep it about you.
If you are shy, you don't have a lot of chaos or crowds to distract or confuse you. 
Enjoy pampering yourself in an artistic environment.

Example of Portrait work.
A Bro, gets a portrait of his dad above text on his arm.

A client gets a portrait of his young son in a cowboy hat.
Example of Illustrative work.

Illustrative style, octopus, on the forearm.

Examples of Cover-up work.
Click to photos to enlarge.
On the far left, without ink, is my client's skin condition after a botched medical procedure.
Her skin was like the photo on the left after two (2) years healing, prior to the new tattoos.. 
The middle picture and the far right picture show the same area after I tattooed it. 
Pictures are a tad fuzzy, but you can clearly see the improvement. 
An excellent way to deal with scars, pigment irregularity or other skin and medical issues.
More examples of covered up, retouched, and reworked tattoos.  
Just a few so you understand I do this well.  Why spend thousands of dollars for tattoo removal? 
When it can be professionally covered up with a fresh tattoo by a pro.
Hold yourself to the same standards you will hold me too. Let's respect and treat each other fairly.
Click photos to enlarge.
This female client had a small dagger to cover up with a black cat silhouette.
The original photo, before, was supplied by email from client.
My cover up with the cat is on the right.

For your tattoos:  I can use your art, my flash art, or create original exciting artwork.
A website for the thinking, inquisitive, adventurous, human - not just pictures -
 lots of writing and links.  My customers are great. Summer has begun. 
So get happy and get inked and then party!
Start a conversation with a stranger with your new tattoo.

A brand new day, come on in for a brand new custom tattoo.
Great selection of - nipple, belly button, and tongue jewelry. 
Even Gold for all three, so select a matching gold set
for nipple, tongue, and belly button to go with that fresh tan.

Enjoy life.

My new Youtube channel, (onaquest1618), about art, science, math, and me. 
It is fun, true sacred geometry discussions, and full of brief videos.

In a world full of artists, those clients that support them seek out a different, unique, and personal experiences. 
I have enjoyed many
loyal regulars who chose getting tattooed here
and also to purchase my very special paintings.
If you really like art from a life long artist - I am here to provide that service.

Fall has arrived.  Looks like an Indian Summer to be sure, the sun keeps shinning.  The birds are singing and the sun continues to shine. 
f you are into tattoos and visiting or moving here from somewhere else in the world, please call and schedule a consultation.
I enjoy meeting other people who like travel, tell me of their cultures, and are seeking new tattoo work while they visit.
If you are in town interviewing for a new job, taking a new job, or just moving here to enjoy the scenery, then call today (425) 895-8519
and set up an time to stop in and discuss your tattoo or piercing.  I only tattoo people 18 and older.

I rework bad tattoos, repair misspelled words,  fix tiny type, cover names.



My buddy Neil
adds to his sleeve. He is now traveling through Europe. 
I think it is  awesome that he has this opportunity and he is doing it.  Way to go.
Cataloging all life on earth is going into this website,,
 enjoy my fellow humans.

This Musician elects to get what is known as a "Natural" horn. 
The natural horn is a musical instrument that is the ancestor of the modern-day horn and is differentiated by its lack of valves.

"Chance - favors
the prepared mind."

Bolded text on my website is just to highlight interesting points
and thoughts. 
No one is
"cyber yelling"
at you, ha ha ha.....
That's right
- I made a funny.

Creativity rules here. 
Open your mind, clear out the baggage.

is owned
by a customer
and friend
Brett Roberts.

Click logo above.
His company can be reached at 425 274-6122.
He does small projects like decks to total custom home building. I have seen his projects, worked with him, and respect him
and his work ethics. 
He is a family man.

The tale of three brothers during Christmas week 2012.
World Travelers, Microsoft & Boeing employees and engineers, Visitors from out of State, this is where to get your ink.  Especially if you are picky, and have complex artwork.  Show me your designs, or discuss them and get inked.  I love a challenge - love conversation, and joking. 
Think of this as a field trip into a world of it's own.  Stimulate your mind, body, and spirit.  Live life like it was your last day alive, be real.
You expect your artist to be a bit eclectic, eccentric, and screwy - you don't want the same experience as visiting your stock broker, do you?
What value does he bring to the table?  Buy art, buy tattoos, these have lasting value, and make you feel good every day!
Oh here is a great stock tip, two days later it is worth, half the thousands you gave that buffoon,
but 20 years later your art and tattoo are still giving you pleasure and adventure.
In addition to this, if you are serious about your art - and are here visiting from New York, Chicago, Berlin, Thailand,
or anywhere that appreciates the arts - stop buy and browse the paintings,
no need to get tattooed to purchase my artwork, thanks.
If you collect art and would like to see 50 or so paintings of my work,  please call for an appointment to view the paintings -
Dial 425 895-8519.

Father's Day tattoos - 6/19/2011.  Husband and wife.  She gets a Peacock for 7 straight hours, one sitting.
He gets "Spider Jerusalem" - spider from comics.  great couple, regulars, long day for all.
Nic added the "prompt" symbol - 9/25/2011.

The above examples are the result of Nic "Taking an arrow to the knee", in my tattoo shop.  11/02/2012.
 Nic is a trooper and walked out even with the arrow! 
He also plays Skyrim. If you play also - you will get the visual pun.


Definitely summer is around the corner :
birds are singing
and the boys are buying lip piercings
for their girlfriends.

Client buys septum retainer.            Vertical "Earl" piercing.

Threw down an
L.A. Dodgers logo, too - today.

Lucy's brand new elbow tattoo.


Ladies bond with a very meaningful word, search it out for yourselves.
Soul sisters, make a pact.  "Laotong!" - for these Ladies.

A wild child gets an ankle - in memory of - tattoo.

Young friends, and a fresh "OM" symbol for all the right reasons.

A very happy married couple
and a unique tattoo.

One of California's Finest
gets a special tattoo today.

A young man, gets a Lion and
Metal Tribal, as a Leo - 2/25/2011. 
His buddy, with the hat, decided to
add to an existing cross - 3/04/2011.

At 80 years young, she celebrates
her birthday 4/13/2011 with new ink. 
This woman trains & cares for horses,
some are 17 hands tall.

Zak gets some action on "Righty" and "Lefty".  Satan takes a stroll and becomes a "Fallen" Angel. 3/21/2012, Spring tattoos.

A friend from afar visited and got a secret spiral
for her own pleasure and importance as a world traveler.
Returning two days later, she decided on a petite infinity sign
and initial in memory of a special friend.

You already know I can tattoo anything you come up with.  These links and discussions of alternative things make a website fun.
Let me know when you walk in if you are afraid of a lively conversation, then it will be just about the tattoo.
Take some time, click the photos to see details, surf the tabs up top of page, relax - pamper yourself. 
Honestly the 2,000 images of my work encompass a vast variety.
If the links to fun, controversial, different things other than tattoos disturbs you, look at the pictures.

Blake's sleeve has a personal meaning behind this that chronicle's his self made business successes.

Bob, a friend of Blake's, after weeks of design time and prep begins his half sleeve. 
Composite shot, just dagger, close up shot.
Dagger, "Willie - G" Harley skull, proper chain,
and certain personal items are chosen to craft an adventure for up coming Sturgis 2011.
Cinco de Mayo tattoo for Bob.  He adds traditional Harley Wings to his already "sic" black only tattoo.

"A person around whom the Wheel of Time weaves all surrounding life-threads, perhaps ALL life-threads, to form a Web of Destiny."
(TEotW, Glossary). In simpler terms, a Ta'veren is a person around whom the Pattern of the world structures itself.
Ta’veren is what Robert Jordan called it in the Wheel of Time series. A gift from a friend to me.

Live coast to coast show. - For a late night radio listener -
George Noory is host - interviews on time travel, UFOs, shamanism, magic, ghosts, etc.
Evidence of machining in cutting stones by older civilizations, by an engineer.

My buddy Neil adds to his sleeve. He works very hard at the "Frog" cooking and prepping.
Working towards being a chef one day.

Catherine Destivelle - amazing solo climb in Mali - one the very best rock climbers in the world.
I also want to turn you on to Laurie Anderson.
Seek out some of her albums, if you wish, to hear some way out poetry and music.

These structures were built under the direction of our space brothers who selected these sites by flying over the jungle. 
The sophistication of these engineering feats cannot be emphasized enough,
let alone the transport of materials, what we are taught in school is crap.

DIGIPEN STUDENTS - All really talented in the computer sciences and computer art design world of tomorrow.

A very cool custom piece designed by the client and modified further as we tattooed.

A client, who healed up after a collapsed lung and surgery, decides to cover up any scars from the experience with a way
cool rabbit.  Leaping upward to new heights and adventures. She can succeed at anything she sets her mind to.

For his first tattoo, Robert goes with a personal memorial, on his chest.

Stars for a well timed
walk - in.

Digipen Artist, his design.

Wesley's Digipen buddy drew a Samurai with a gas mask and
 I tattooed it on his upper right hand side - shoulder blade.

So I got a 1969 twenty dollar bill in circulation
and thought it may be worth more than face value of twenty. 
It isn't unless uncirculated.  However I found this helpful money website.

A bird native to the Northwest is the "Stellar Jay". In the example above of the Stellar Jay I added a drop shadow to show dimension away from the body.  It appears to fly in a forward motion around the client.  Happy, bright, and uplifting tattoo, this tattoo will age well and become more like a painting over time.  This was all done in a single sitting on a perfect client - who enjoyed every second of the session.  I was asked if I had a line work shot , the other day,
I do and it has a trickle of blood for you Vampires.

To view more similar tattoos please visit "Ribcage & Torso" tattoos -
a great area on the body to "conceal" your tattoo and at the same time make a sexy statement. 
Depending on what item you wear, it can "peek" out here and there.
I really enjoy doing ribcage designed tattoos. 
They are difficult to do, look very sexy and intriguing, and are like a hidden treasure.

What is "Maneki Neko"?, a good luck cat for sure - with a rich history, read up....
Then Sarina reappeared on 3/16/2012 for several stars.

The beginning of my video channel.
I am beginning a YouTube channel.  I knew nothing of how to set it up, load a video, make a video off a laptop, or monetize them.   So my real goals in this venture are to show some insight into my life as a living artist.  I will be writing and reading my sci-fi novel, explaining my thought process behind my artwork, perhaps discussing my tattoo shop, and everything and anything that occurs to me to be relevant.  Using any search engine, just type "Onaquest1618" to locate it
or if you are here on my website homepage use this link below.
To follow my musings try this link to my channel.

A few text links for you to click below and start to get excited
about your new or your next tattoo
Especially for fist timers.
Tribal heart inside scroll work on upper back  Red Chinese Style Roses  Cool Blue Star behind the ear
Coat of Arms for Chile  Fresh Salmon Catch of the Day  Fresh pair of Calf Tattoos - Stars & Unique Cross
Daughter's artwork tattooed into her Dad  Daughter's name in Cammo on her Dad  Kurt Vonnegut Artwork
Paige celebrates her knowledge of the Grape  Wolf/Loyalty
Paige verbally describes her tattoo experience, as a woman, for you tattooed Inkster's to read.

Shannon gets a new Pacu.
The first two pictures were taken after the tattoo,
the third photo was taken two weeks later -
still in the healing stage and it healed beautifully.

An athletic horse trainer and rider selects a very beautiful,
free hand tree illustration,
checked it in the mirror, made several edits
and then went for it - a fresh hot "Tree of Life" tattoo.
This woman decided she was ready for her tree, found the shop, and boldly designed and got tattooed in the same day.
This was just the first sitting, more will follow, once this heals.
She can succeed at anything she sets her mind to.

I keep this website lively, very much on the adult side, sometimes controversial, sometimes challenging, always amusing.

A little "Northwest" imagery for you my viewing audience.
This tattoo and many others on the torso you see
throughout the website are in sensitive areas. 
These tattoos, during the tattooing process,
invoke a variety of sensations: like tickle, pain, energy, and more. 
They are powerful sensations and one uses mind
and body control throughout the experience.
This allows the client to partake in a physical,
emotional, and spiritual experience.


All year round you can get tattooed.  Make up a reason, think of it as a stimulating break from the daily grind or boredom.  Start a new path in life - marked - by a pivotal moment and a symbolic tattoo.  Truly try to live each day to the fullest and fulfill your dreams.  I actually get in a "mood" or a "rut" some days and need to just do some random adventure myself.

Hi, it's me again, "Doz", your host.

We all need to re-focus from time to time as to what is satisfying and rewarding and meaningful to ourselves.  Share a conversation - it's free.  Share a back rub or massage, make a delicious meal from scratch.  Or get pampered in a spa.  There is nothing that will give you a greater return over the years than a tattoo with an event or person connected to it.

Diya, a friend from Michigan, began her "Time" themed sleeve today/ 10/23/2011.

Two good friends decide to get matching Tiggers.
His on the ankle & hers is a bikini line one.

Getting some "Faith"
on a
drizzle type day, 2/18/2011.

For those who know
"Hell Girl" logo.

Tattoo No.1 after Christmas (on the left - "LARA") on 12/26/2010.
Tattoo No.2 for him on 1/10/2011, and No.3 on 1/17/201.

This signifies a life changing sequence of events.

Here I am setting up and tattooing my own leg.
I shaved my head since this video was done in 2005. 
This goes back to when I first "checked out"
from the corporate world of advertising.

Uncontacted tribes in our world, on our planet,
need to be protected from us.

We sometimes forget:
"Laughter opens the Heart Chakra."

So, step out of the box, bring a smiley face with you,
and experience something different in a new way.
When you just do a walk-in on me I may be caught working on my website,
checking in a Fed-Ex or UPS box of supplies,
answering the phone, or in a discussion with a client,
so please be patient if I am engaged for a moment.

By the way, all the beautiful new Harley's you see coming
and going belong to employees from Microsoft, Boeing, Fireman, Policeman,
& working people from all phases of life here, no gangs or anything scary like that.
These guys & gals love the Northwest and love to ride,
and what better place to ride your bike to - than the local tattoo shop. 
So fear not, just walk in, they are people like you.
 Men and women both ride Harleys to the shop!

Please enjoy this series, proof of many enigmas, second part shows man on earth with dinosaurs, dinosaur clay toys, etc.  Timelines are a lie to us.  The truth of our origins is coming.  May you all make the transition to the new age.  The age of truth.

Man, I want to travel away so bad, Couch surfing looks
like a way cool way to go.

Four things
you can't recover:

The stone..........after the throw.

The word..........after it's said.

The occasion........after it's missed.

The time.........after it's gone.

The natives are welcoming the Spring and Summer with new tattoos and piercings.
Join in the Festival- welcome the sun.
A Michigan man, working on the construction of Stonehenge by the Druids, figures out how to build it himself. 
See him move the heavy stones into place - alone.

May you find true happiness and your true self in life

If must say so myself,
 I love my job.
Get real art here.

This a special couple of calf tattoos.

As you see above Tribal Cross on the left calf and a nice vertical column of Stars on the right calf.

Vegas Baby, Vegas.... You are Money.

Click image to enlarge.
Just a sample of the work you will see as you surf
through the website.

Doz on
Olympic Peninsula, across from the Dungeness Spit, about half way down the Spit.

What did I see there at the Northern Olympic Peninsula?
This the undeveloped Miller State Park.

Doz, taken in a Pizzeria in La Connor on 5/31/2011.

Celebrating a little on his day off prior to his sixth year anniversary of the shop.

Then it was on to the "Train Wreck" bar, a quaint little bar with excellent food and vibes.

Doz near a shrimp cage.
Photo taken during four day fishing trip in San Juan Islands including the
 Ling Cod fishing
 tournament in 2010.
The short fishing trip and
"Ling Cod Tournament"
of 2011. 
Check out the story and photos.

Maui Time! Maui Jason brings Doz gifts from Hawaii.  Another good buddy returns with treasures from the
Tiki God to invoke a festive spirit to the shop.
Maui Jason gets some sic
"Clown in the Box" ink started 1/22/2011.
He is prepping to go to Hawaii again, bring me gifts, and get color in the clothing of the Clown
when he gets back.  Jason had an old tattoo completely redone on his next visit.

Before her three week old
 henna tattoo wore off,
Heidi came to
 Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C.,
to get it really tattooed in.
Four straight hours and it is her first tattoo, she rocks.

Noelle decides to go all out and
get a very important rose tattoo on her back.

Charlotte decides to "Let Go".
She also kicked my butt in Yahtzee and got a "Yahtzee", no kidding.

Humans, let's make this planet better and better on a daily basis, help someone out, give of yourself, smile.


Wednesday night: 11/10/20108:30 pm to 5:00 am straight - first arm of two "Raven Wings".
Sunday from 11:00 am until 11 pm 11/14/2010 - 12 hours straight.
Couple shadows sessions are next in a few months.  We did first shadow session 2/12/2011.
In the interim, on12/12/2010,  I did a "tapestry" Buddha for 5 straight hours on his calf.

I for one, am sick of the USA government
and their vandals defacing our, the peoples of the planet earth ancient heritage. 
These Petroglyphs in the USA, may have in fact,
been painted up high by the aliens we seek to make contact with.

December 22, 2010 - couple of tattoos for your viewing pleasure.
Mike adds a compass and text to his other shoulder in February 2011.

America, here is the facts about oil, we have more than the entire
Middle Eastern Nations combined.

A little "Americana". 
A tattoo designed by
"Gus Wagner" in 1900.
My customers like this shapely leg.
Like the Jimmy Hendrix song "Dolly Dagger".

This is the beginning of the "Lord's Prayer"| on the ribcage of a client.
After the lines heal we will do the shading.

An engineer and collector of many tattoos,
arrives from "Cali"
and gets an ancient Tibetan symbol at Ambrosia.

This woman from Argentina had me cover up
 an old tattoo with the kind of "Energy" skull.

A gift from the Sufis to you all, my viewing audience :
"Sparks whirl in the flames, in coats of burnished gold - dance toward the sky........Gone!!

A very distinct tattoo on a lady,
joined by her husband,
tattooed in the shop, 10/11/10.


Another young woman,
joined by her husband,
gets a design idea she thought
about for years,
a "sideways" Hour Glass, 10/18/10.

The "Black Sheep" in the Family. 
She and 3 other members
will be identifying themselves for fun.


Scroll down the homepage to see tattoos I have done.
Click the tabs above for further information and to look at tattoos, piercings, and paintings.
Once you have gotten your tattoo, & you want to have me check out the healing progress, just stop by & ask me to do that. 
If I am tattooing or piercing at the time I will stop a moment and review your new tattoo's progress.

9/11/2010 and 9/12/2010 tattoos: Puzzle/Tree/Birds,  Live/Laugh/Love,  Custom Cross and initials.

A husband, wife, and wife's aunt decide to get tattoos.
They choose : Her son's initials, "Honor", and Michael Jackson.

A dedicated family man and one of our local Fireman gets a symbolic Northwest Indian Design.
On October 5, 2010 he added a "Moon Shadow" style tattoo.  The use of a midnight blue is unique.
Then a "feather with initials inside it, as it is a "memorial" tattoo, in honor of a friend who is now deceased.

A man and his fiancée share a personal symbol.

A new client gets a Yin-Yang with a twist of a satellite moon.

Ok, back to the business at hand.  Survival.  Together we are all surviving this roller coaster economy.  Sometimes it is a good thing to buy a close friend, or loved one a tattoo for a gift.  When you give a tattoo the person will really dig the gift and remember it for the rest of that individual's life.  It is a gift that truly keeps on giving.  It is personal, gives that someone freedom to select something meaningful for themselves, and forms a lasting bond between you both.  If you know someone getting divorced, getting married, getting a new job, losing a job, graduating school, being promoted, wanting to commemorate a death, recall an experience or other event or moment - a tattoo is a fantastic gift.  Besides they will think how cool a friend you are not to get them just another ordinary gift.
 When they look at it daily, they will remember you also.

I wanted to find an audible timer on the internet to use for meditating or cooking. 
I found a great website for timers.
I like the egg timer, it is an hour glass, with audible signal when time is up.

"Dragon fusion Tribal swirl."

Savannah gets a
secret tattoo.

Kool Tattoo.

"Start Love, end Hate".

Bill deliberated for a while over all the symbolic importance to convey in his tattoo. 
Together we came up with this design.

A newer client has found tattoos to be to her liking.  She now has 3 and is planning her next one.

Neil gets a Samurai and an Oni (disguised as a Geisha), with the Oni's real reflection in a rice bowl.

Two young ladies bond with new tattoos, 5/6/2010.

Today 6/05/2010 I began to tattoo a mom (who is 72) and one of her 3 daughters. 
All will be getting variations of a tattoo remembering their Dad. 
It is the combined efforts of their collaborative thoughts and themes.
Each will be tattooed on their foot.  All four are completed now, 6/09/2010.
Oh yeah, the mom brought me homemade - "Pie Cherry Jam".   Also the last daughter to get tattooed made me delicious chocolate cookies.  I froze them and then thaw them in the microwave for 1 minute to eat, yummy!

A "Snow Skater", skate board on a ski, gets the Alpental Mountain symbol,
 inside a spade - like a playing card style - like an Ace of Spades - without little aces in the corner.

A Hot little "Coco Chanel" tattoo in Fuchsia and Purple, with black outline and shadows. The mood stuck her, she walked in with an idea ready to rock, a quick search of the net for the image, and "Ink Time", Bingo.
Read about "Coco" herself.

Monday 4/19/2010 - two separate women drop by for special tattoos.

A very nice couple visits.  In celebration of his birthday, he gets two Japanese kanji (peace & calm) &
reworks an older tattoo done in his younger years ( tribal Aries symbol ).

Symbol of the Arashikage Ninja Clan. (G.I.Joe) - hexagram #63 of the I Ching also.

Dalek Tattoo from Sci-Fi Series "Dr. Who".  Now a second tattoo with a personal coding.

Detroit's Notorious Underground Cartoonist "Thaddeus" designs his first tattoo and picks "Doz". 
Back in Michigan as of 2011, we wish Thaddeus the best.

A man of vision and creative designs, decides to rework, modify, and redesign a sleeve
he started elsewhere long ago.  Our first step was to define and separate the ripped flesh around the wrist, cover old lines and set the tone for the new sleeve of cosmos, planets, heavens, etc.

Second and third sessions - rip up the top flesh.

A young couple get tattoos.  Then they were off to a party.  Sunny day, time to play.

The first of two messenger wings on this leg, black and shaded - no color.
Jamie adds to his left arm with a piece of artwork by graffiti artist
 - Keith Herring's - version of "Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil."
Jamie gets a Mercury swift wing.

On the left "I P S " is a memorial tattoo of initials for a deceased friend.
On the right "MCS" is a custom design tattoo by client, with shading by me for his own special meaning.
Back for more on 4/5/2010, see new scroll work.

Patrick finishes of the ending to his Ivy.  However - he was talking about more ink when he left.

Brent's sleeve is nearing closure for now.  Here are a lot of photos for your viewing pleasure to study.

I did this Sic Tiki, dig it!
Celebrating her birthday -11/01/2009, the young women on the left gets an "OM" symbol. 
Her good friend bonds with her getting a "Wild Kitty". 
In February 2011 "Wild Kitty"  brought in a friend and her husband for a fresh tattoo.

A tattoo website has a worldwide audience - whether the viewers ever get to the shop or not - and that is why there is a great variety of examples, silly links and other fun things on my website in particular. 
The world lives among art, ancient remains from past civilizations, and is exposed to monumental achievements from our ancestors of mankind.  We see great architecture and miracles in ancient and modern architecture, art, farming, spiritual awareness and more. 
Somehow we need to take the final huge step and solve man's dilemmas of population growth verses resources. 
I hope the children growing up today around the earth contribute to the answer and raise man's spirit and prepare mankind  -"For the Stars".

This above 3 rows of pictures are the visual story of Lucy's "Pink Floyd's sexual flowers from the movie the Wall.
Lucy has two professions: Licensed Car mechanic and hot model.  She is available to model and fix your car, wow!
Get inked by me and become a gorgeous Model!

This is an original design by my client, tweaked to be ready for tattooing. 
I left the "Red Eye" in the photo of my client, it looks awesome.

Above is a collection of photos that are updated as Ryan's sleeve evolves.  Ryan is completed at about 43 hours.

Mike's began his tattoo journey with the tribal style Marlin.  Mike's sun on his calf above.
Click the above photos to enlarge for details.
Doz meets and tattoos the winner of the
" 2007 Roche Harbor Salmon Classic "
Mike Simms of Roche Harbor.
Check out Mike's website :
Also San Juan Sportsman You Tube Channel.
Hunting and fishing videos from the man won in 2007.

He has added the logo of - his "San Juan Fisherman"  sports video business - above his first tribal Marlin tattoo.  On his other arm is the ever evolving sleeve.  It began with the parrot, then added a sun to that,
then a Tiki drummer man, black rays to the sun, then dragon, palm leaves, flowers
and more.  On 5/27/2010 he was tattooed for 8 straight hours, man that was fun. 
Oh no, Mike gets a fish hook on the my anniversary 06/01/2010. 
Back from Sturgis and ready for fall and hunting season - Mike gets more ink. 
More to come through winter as we work Mike's sleeves.  New Year Ink already.  We added some color to the waves on Mike's right arm half sleeve.  He cam late after a long hunting for Ducks. 
So he says," I just want a couple of colors in the water" - but - 13 colors later,
Mallard included - we finished the night. 
During the filling of the water I said. "I think I can pull it off", which is now my new catch phrase. 
We were punch drunk with laughter, who knows why? 
Thanks for the chicken dinner from your wife.
Mike begins new work to be ahead of the curve for Sturgis 2011. 
Left arm top row, right arm bottom row of photos.
New wrist tattoo with his wife's name, go Mike! 6/12/2011.

More work all the time.  last four - most recent 8/22/2012.

A very nice and special Oriental Dragon - crossing the fold of the inner arm
- a first tattoo, realized after planning for 20 years. 9/05/200.

A few special phrases of scriptural text.  Even an IT specialist enjoys tattoos.

October 17,2009.
This young man gets a tattoo of his choosing celebrating his family.


"Home of the Brave, land of the Free."
Veterans with tattoos, contact Dicky Magoo - he is making a book of tattooed veterans.
Email him at : for further information.

Remember banks, you have to abide by SCRA, and protect service men and women's
 homes from foreclosure during and after active service.

This is a special link to a book written by Shawn Popp
 - a Ranger - he grew up with my boys and is like a son to me.

Get it here on Amazon and help him make it as a writer.

A few of the individuals who served or who are now serving in the military are highlighted in a section below.

As is customary, this Marine fresh out of boot camp, gets a tattoo to celebrate his accomplishment.



Baker's sleeves in the above 5 rows of pictures.  See evolution of the artwork and tattooing.
Two proud soldiers.  Army on the left.  Marines on the right.  Both fresh out of boot camp.

"No Mind".

 This soldier, drops in during his home visits - from deployments, to get an older sleeve reworked.
Covering old elements with an orchid, repairing the "super eight", adding characters,
redoing a Koi and adding Maple leaves.

Click each photo to enlarge.
Valentine's Day Tattoo 2/14/2008, Vet, shot down 5 times, remembers his ordeal.
One of Americas unsung heroes.
He was an Air Ambulance Copter Pilot in Vietnam.

Click each photo to enlarge.
His son is back, in between tours in Iraq and he stopped in for the family crest on his back. This tattoo was done in one sitting and it is his first tattoo.

July 13th, 2008.                                   May 19th 2012.
Man gets his wings after 25 years of service.  Second time in the shop - Golden Rocket.
Curious, like I was, as to the meaning of these wings?

As you scan through the website you will see individuals from that have served or are serving in the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marines.  It is my humble opinion that they are heroes who help make America strong and keep it safe.  Like people from all walks of life they enjoy tattoos also.  Many get tattoos identifying the branch of service they served in and many get tattoos fused with meaning symbolizing their profound feelings after having served and bearing witness to things we never have seen.  We owe them a lot and I am always impressed by their will power, inner strength and determination.  So many go on to great careers.  Some I have identified and some not, but each man and woman from the various branches I have tattooed or pierced have a deeper respect for peace and harmony than any of us can realize.  These are just a few of the heroes I have tattooed.
This ends the highlighted members from the military.


Once again I thank this town of Redmond for putting up with this crazy artist, me. 
 I change like the seasons, and am driven by my passions, opinions, and do what I can to animate and motivate my fellow humans.
I like to kid around joke, be a bit sarcastic and such - so when you come in have fun, stay loose, let down your guard and make the visit to the tattoo shop unique and different.  Make the most out of life, be enriched by a variety of experiences, and let art inspire you.

I am curious, today, what motivates people?  Knowing we all need the basics: food, shelter, and clothing - and assuming we achieve the basics, what is next?  For many individuals it is the journey of life.  What can that be?  Is it searching your soul for inner peace ( which is free to investigate), is it physical fitness and the discipline of exercise, diet, and consistency, is it intellectual pursuits (reading, puzzles, problem solving, etc. with the mind), or is it even having no path ( letting the winds of life blow you this way and that and with an open mind seeing where one in guided)?  I question you at large, my readers and clients because drawing on your present life, your future goals, your past successes, and even you hurdles you overcame is one very good way to think about a tattoo.
If you can kindle a thought and a theme or idea or message - it is a first step - be one with yourself.
I never in my wildest dreams thought about tattoos or becoming a tattoo artist.  But the rat race of the corporate life, the relentless hours of repeating same scenarios and the hard losses wiping out all I achieved numerous times caused me to really rethink my path.  Now I am not asking you to stop in the middle of the street, as you walk along reading this on an IPod and change your life.  But I am trying to "spark" in you a moment, an instant, where you can be you. 
 Please no one for a moment: "What would you really get, if say, it was only up to you?"
My family suggested that since I was a professional artist and a creative type to begin life over, as say a tattoo artist.  That decision was really a monumental one for me.  It affected me to my core, made me see the familiar world in a different light, as it were, and I have crossed paths with 10,000 humans at least that I tattooed.  Who can even count the conversations that lead no where, or the trials and tribulations to get here, the same place I always was, but imagining a different path.  Although I only speak English I have tattooed humans from uncounted countries, in wheel chairs, handicapped, weeks before their deaths with terminal illnesses, of countless attitudes: from bikers, to thugs to CEOs, to beggars, and more.  I never know what to expect, like a bartender, a hairdresser, a shrink, or any profession with the multitude of unknown human interactions.
To be a tattoo artist is far more than just "skin" and "ink". 
I challenge you, to challenge yourself.   Think of a new tattoo as you would a vacation.  For what you spend one night in a fine restaurant, and then it is gone, you can enjoy ink for the rest of your life.  Bring  in a doodle, an idea, a past or future event, but have some idea.  You know yourself best.  If you don't know yourself, start to.  Take a journey on the wild side. 
 It is a risk, an over coming a fear, a taboo, a something for you. 
This website is to make available a starting point in time.
You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to change your Karma.  I can honestly say - the people who gave some thought to their tattoo, searched the internet to show me something, or sketched a concept have the best rewarding experience.  The ones that trust me as an artist to pry into their soul, digging deep and go with original art feel very enriched as well as happy. 
My tattoos bring good luck as I share my "Chi"/"Ki" energy with you.
Below are more individuals from the surrounding area and cities.

This is the beginning of a lot of future work in the left two photos.
Now we completed the second half in the three photos on the right.
Next, third session, New design in the center of back.

Kyle gets back side of arm inked up for 5 straight hours today. 
He takes no breaks.

So a couple of the guys came and got some ink.

Quality tattoos, one at a time, in a more personal setting.
Personal one on one attention given to each client.

This is a tattoo of a Bear and Salmon in Indian Art of the Northwest Coast.
It was completed in two long sittings. 
My client was very determined, as he is in all aspects of his life.

Trivium Logo ; Blue Marble with beveled edge.

I want to thank this happy couple of 24 years
for driving from Raymond, Washington to my shop.
They are "soul mates."

8/12/2009 My man gets a wolf on a shield with feathers.  4/42010 - the other arm gets inked, "Vision Quest".

Above is a final photo from each of the four sessions that lead up to the completed tattoo as seen on the "man".
These photos are from the first three sessions.
My client spent a good deal of time searching for his image of a stylized Tribal Bear. 
His dad sat in on the second session, as a curious bystander, and we had a lively conversation.
His father is a surgeon and a great guy.  My customer was very excited to begin this project and in one or two more sessions it will be completed.  We spent the session talking about the new age, tattoos, piercings, rituals, scarifications, and more.
We even discussed the auspicious date of the Maya calendar approaching.
It is coming along nicely and there is some coloring next in shades of blue like you now see.
Ribcage and side work is very difficult and is usually 1
½ times the size of the tattoo when the person puts their arm over their head and stretches the side tight for a tattoo session. It is good to know I passed the surgeon's scrutiny while tattooing his son.
Way cool and spiritual experience,

Dragon with blue spikes, teeth, and nails.

A very nice design collaboration.
Five dolphins in a "fan" design, symbolic of family members.

The man is on a serious workout regime, is a programmer
and has a fast Cafe Racer, so guess what his chemical formula is?

The newest painting I am working on to commemorate my 4th Anniversary
 is shown here  (as of 6/182009) as a sneak preview.
The brief description of it is this "An inter-dimensional Spirit Guide is opening a wormhole. (close up of detail) - 6/19/2009
From this fractal wormhole she is conquering forth creatures to bring to the Earth. These creatures are coming to the Jungles of Belize to begin the celebration of their existence and the fore running of the coming of the spontaneous creation of the Mayans."
Painting dimensions are 4' x 6' and is a mixed media creation, watch it evolve at my shop!
Current progression of painting.    DETAIL - Close up More work done.More work done.
More details, in the dark for you.    Second Hummingbird details begin.

 This website now appears identical on all browsers (hopefully) : Windows Internet Explorer, Safari, Fire Fox, etc.
Sometimes different browsers have different effects on websites - due to their competition with each other.  So, when clicking to enlarge a photo, they will open a "tab" - don't close "all tabs", just the "tab" that is open. You will catch on.
This website is finally operational, whew!  I apologize for the down time (believe me I do not like being off the web).
I added the gift certificate to the Homepage - right here - Hit it and send a loved one a gift of a tattoo and be in their mind - forever.
Click any "thumbnail" photo to see a larger detailed version.
If you are ready to get a tattoo, are a little shy of cash, but are ready, willing and able - then walk - in, explain what you want, or show me a picture and let's work it out.  Art is my life - you want some ink - let's do this together. You can reward yourself, cheer yourself up, celebrate a new start, what ever you have for a reason.  Let's get you inked with some fine art.
The shop is clean, warm, cozy and I serve tea.
As you will see, by surfing my website, I have tackled many a challenging design and tattooed all over the human body. It is a small shop and that gives you "quiet" time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.  When getting a tattoo on an intimate area: the shades are drawn, a note is attached to the door to ask visitors to respect your privacy and return later, and you can relax and listen to music or watch one of my many videos.
A new tattoo is without a doubt a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Bring your excitement and awe and an idea - then if you are serious, ready to go - I will transform your wishes, thoughts and dreams into art.
To add my website to your desktop, drag the "Favicon" (my little "cup" in the browser bar) before my website name to you desktop.

September 17, 2009.
Well, I went to bed early, slept soundly, woke up early and so I am writing at 5:20 a.m.  I surfed the net a bit and found some way cool recent discoveries.  Two of them are this:  An American student found a carved gem portrait of
|Alexander the Great.  
 Also 120,000 year old foot prints of man were verified in Tanzania.  Two very fascinating discoveries.

We need to realize man has been here a long time and at various times achieved great things.  A third discovery of an ancient wall in Israel is amazing because they said a modern electrical engineer - with modern day equipment would be hard pressed to duplicate it.

These chit chats, discussions, and such are my way of contact.

This all ties together in that if we look at the achievements man of the past made, prior to computers, you can appreciate all that went into it.  With shorter life spans, say 35 to 45 years for the masses, these achievements are unbelievable.  None of can really appreciate a 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch carved portrait on a gem, a 25 foot tall stone wall where each stone is between 4 and 5 tons - or footprints, shaped like our feet and not an apes - 120,000 years old. 

I must say these are remarkable.  May the Cosmos bless us all and save man from man.  May we awaken from our slumber to see our future together, we must if we are to go forward together and evolve.  Man must somehow colonize space and get off earth to visit distant stars - someday and/or seriously control our population and resources to ensure a future.  Our problems are far more complex than our ancestors, but without standing on their shoulders we would have never gotten this far.  Communication is so hard.  What I think one person means, what that individual thinks I mean, the truth is in between, how did man get this far - I wonder.

One more thought, throw away something today and everyday for the next week, it is liberating, and you will begin to free your soul from endless, mindless worries over things you own and must maintain, and organize into categories ( like cds, DVDs, books, tools, etc.)  save things like happy thoughts, notions of love, memories of good times.

This gentleman gets a nice tattoo
of his children's names.
Yesterday's Hot Tattoo 6/10/2009.

On his way for a journey from Panama to Belize,
this man stops in for three (3) stylized custom orchids.
The man above is backpacking through Central America, lucky guy.

"Ice House" - "Kappa" Girl.

Here are a few guys that got tattooed recently.

Sweetest piece of shaded line work, a Seahorse.8/22/2008.

Starting with a silhouette of a shark, taken by my client, I created a custom Hammerhead Shark Tribal.
He did this in one sitting, oh yeah! 9/30/2008.

 Ian Lauder, exhibits his Incredible
Fantastic photos of  Burning Man 2008, Burning Man 2009, Burning Man 2010,
in Nevada, see his professional work - great stuff.

For his first tattoo, Robert goes with a personal memorial, on his chest.

Seize the Day!
Seizing the day and tattooing one individual at a time.
Slowly with attention and detail to each specific need.

Go Seahawks!
First come the fans! See this loyal fan's Seahawk Logo.

Ray Willis, of the Seahawks,
(one super nice guy) gets a some special tattoos
with unique meanings for him.
#1 - Grim Reaper, the Reaper's robe is full of souls. 
#2- A Leo Tattoo on the forearm below the Reaper.
#3 -  Praying hands & biblical verse tattoo.
#4 - Portraits of his twin son and daughter on his chest.

 Seahawk - Leonard Weaver, gets two tattoos in his first time
in the chair at Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C.
 Leonard - gets "Takes Over" and he has.

Jon's new rosary beads and cross,
Moroccan Style. One of their buddies.

Stars for a well timed
walk - in.

Click photo to enlarge
The Jewish word for life and flowers for symbolism.


Muy Caliente!!!!!
Original design by me for a Hot, Hot,
Hot back piece, above the tailbone.

Francois and Melinda's Ass - inine Idea.
Like they said ,"You only live once."
Friends gone wild!

A fashion designer gets some ink
to surprise her hubby, Sweeeet!

A sample tattoo, a very nice flower and initials,
with no black - outline and initials are in brown.

A little something.

Hot Chili for this special Lady.

Secret Equation
you won't be seeing any time soon, lol. - Artist Network and Marketplace

Defined as :
Nectar of the Gods,
a magic elixir,
and a "mark" that is permanent and lasting.
This is the cheerful goblet that holds our
"Ambrosia" of life,
let's toast  to a new day and a new life.

Your wishes and needs are my command.
People from all over our lovely planet get their tattoos here. 
So if you are from the surrounding suburbs or across the globe come in and get that  tattoo you always dreamed of. Some of my customers come from as far away as China, Germany, Australia, Europe, Africa, etc.
I never know who to expect at the shop. Many are visiting students and business people who are in Washington and find me on the internet just like you, then they visit and get custom tattoos like they have had in their minds for years. Bring in that little scratch sheet you've carried in your pocket or the photo you saw or whatever you heart desires.
I love my job and I will give a tattoo the you are glad to wear and it will bring you good luck and many a conversation.  I am always searching for new and different reference materials. One of my favorite enjoyments in this business is studying all the various cultures and their imagery which gets used in some wonderful collage type tattoos.
Please browse through about 2,000 actual photos of tattoos and a comprehensive selection of art from all cultures and peoples of our planet. Including Japanese, Mayan and Aztec, African (Adinkra Symbols), Celtic,  Egyptian, Moslem (geometric tiling patterns), Religious, Wildlife, just name it.

So, say you got a friend with a problem, send "The Wolfe" to them,
 Harvey Keitel - from Pulp Fiction - he can fix anything!  Right click image,
scroll down to "send to" option & send the "Wolfe" to anyone. 
The "Wolfe" will fix it.  He talks fast, he walks fast, and if his help isn't needed, then good luck.

Please help me to gain more recognition as an artist and possible grants.
This is a "Creatives" website -  Just look at this Gallery and click support.
Many thanks to you all for help in advance. I need just 25 supporters to enter the contest. 
Help an artist development exposure to the community of the earth, thank you.  Please share with Facebook.
On Youtube
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Doz when he was
advertising executive.

The Original

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 tattoos,  tattoos,  tattoos,  tattoos,  tattoos,  tattoos,  tattoos,
 tattoos,  tattoos,  tattoos, and piercings - get them here!

I stand by my product and my decisions.
I will challenge you to think.
To my knowledge no other single tattoo artist on the internet or in the "real" world
has such a wide range of images & as diverse collection of actual tattoos done. 
These are on all ethnic groups, all religions, all sizes, all skin types, even over surgeries,
scars, and reworks of older tattoos from when the clients were young and impulsive.
People that get tattooed here share rich stories, laugh, share a tea, a coffee, or a drink.
 It is different and it is meant to be different and for sophisticated adults.
Visit tattoo shops in other states and areas of the world to meet creative owners.
Yes the windows are covered with photos, quotes, neon signs - it makes it fun! 
Inside is my art, mostly figurative. Real conversation with a real human.
Make 2014 your year of Self Integration - become one with the all!
Peace and Love.

Wheel Chair


"Man is the Alien He Seeks."

I am looking forward to "Ender's Game"
- it was a great Sci-Fi book. 
Here is the trailer.

Today - 2 / 27 / 2008 This big man gets his first tattoo,
7 hours elapsed time, wow!

I began Glenn's Joshua Tree today 06/03/2010.
 5 hours and we are off and running.

All photos of my tattoos were taken by me and the clients had fun posing for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, men also get awesome rib cage work here, check out this lettering.

Who is this guy?
See his art on my
Face Book page. 
Who is this Guy?

Who knew that in Redmond there is Hedonistic fun? 
Check this website out for info, supplied by a customer.

Skeptics Dictionary
website, covers
hundreds of topics,
use the "a to z" scale to research topics if you get bored with everyday life.

I lift the Goblet of Ambrosia to Mother Nature, cheers.

More of my work as displayed on a prominent tattoo artist website, check it out.


A most unusual text tattoo.

If you dig, artistic, sensible, far out new woman's shoes - then view theses great new Kobi Levi designs.

Totally awesome triple back flip on a BMX bike.

I added the moon, the stars and the name below to an "existing tattoo" done elsewhere.  People like to add to their work and it is challenging to blend in new additions to old tattoos.

Are you digging the band "Muse" these days?

Hot Glam videos and photos
on a bizarre website.

Stone cross with a
Fleurs de Lei design
 in the center.

As an artist - 
I will write some paragraphs
from time to time about whatever comes to mind.

beautiful small portraits
by a painter who
uses Skype sessions
- even paints the artifacting pixels, wow!

Wikipedia Portals

 Bathroom painting is complete. Awesome job by Urban Artist "Paul Nunn".

Paul Nunn
gets some ink.

Knowing he has a terminal illness leads this man to celebrate:
his daughter - Ashley
& his son - Joel,
each with a tattoo.

One of the neighborhood guys gets snakebites.

The " I Ching " on line.

Jared on the phone
after his custom ink.
The Dragon Master.


Tate decides to get a unique arrangement of images.  In commemoration of his wife beating Leukemia - a orange ribbon, Her Japanese name in the ribbon, Kaori.
His son Kye, is the ocean.
In the background is the Kanji for overcome/conquer.

Want a little extra
"Faith & Hope"?
 I got some here
 at the shop.


Or how about some "Love"?

My man has 3
tattoos from here.
Daft Punk Art.

Power Button.
His 3rd is a music note
I never photographed.

Bring your "A" game to my shop, let's see what you're made of.  Prove your worth to yourself with awesome ink.

Ladies and Gentlemen - whatever your heart desires can be inked here.

Hockey fans, especially in Detroit, dig this one.
He is in 4 leagues.


A new born daughter inspires her footprints tattooed on Daddy.


Celebrating her 18th Birthday - with her mom and dad, this young lady gets her first tattoo.

 A little something, "Ten", special significance.

"Ek Ong Kar"

Special meaning and a long awaited tattoo for this client.


Reminded of the "Truth" each times he gazes at his hand.


A little Reggae tattoo,
"Lion of Judah",
special initials,
some fine times,
music and a toast to start his new journey in life off with a goooood start.


Dan made my new signs over the doorway to the shop.

"It is dangerous
to be right, when the government is wrong."  Voltaire

You have gotten this far, towards a fresh tattoo, read and see examples on this website to help you decide which may be the best type of a design and where to position a tattoo on your body.

This guy is really funny - Acmed The Dead Terrorist, puppet/comedy act.

Super Fantastic link to a website
 for information to help
business people and all else.

Detail in top photo.

 "Hand of Creation"
The painting is 2' x 4',
mixed media, on canvas.

It was sold on 9/04/2009.

Some Celtic Knot information.

Galactic butterfly

(Hunab Ku)
of the Mayans.
A variety of personal experiences and adventures stimulate us to inquire more and more into unknown realms of uncertainty. We experience other cultures, their mores and lore, and make the experience part of our history as we trek through our journey on Earth.

More about
Hunab Ku.

"Puma Punka" -
Ancient landing base built
with Diamond Dust Tools.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell,
the astronaut who contends Roswell really happened, is trying to
integrate the sciences.

Amazing archeological artifacts, some 300 million years old, made by intelligent beings.
Forbidden Archeology.

This is amazing authentic video, prior to computers,

Canary Islands.
An important lesson in

art history.

Check out this guy's miniature
and collectables

for gaming.

Official Website of Virgin Galactic.
After fights begin, which will take humans to 62 miles above the Earth,
we will know if there are UFOs in outer space or not. 
I keep my website interesting.

Black Holes
examined and explained
in fantastic videos.

Amazing Belly Dancer

Just for fun -
the real meaning of the symbols on the
dollar bill.

Seattle Knights
Pirates of Puget Sound.

A "Kidney" Cancer survivor gets a "Green" ribbon, the color chosen for Kidney cancer survivors. 10/20/2009.

A nice shaded tattoo, family name and some parts of wheat.

Three paw prints of three different cats that have passed away, based on plaster cats of paws.

  Excellent website to purchase
Celtic tattoo designs from,
then bring it in and get inked. 
They have a wide assortment. 
Found it by accident looking for stuff on the internet.
In addition to that, I added another book to my library with a great section of Celtic crosses, and designs, to be viewed at the shop.

Keali'i Reichel

Bill Gates come in
get your ink. 
This is ... Redmond and it is your town!

A very good start for the
history and origins of tattooing
on Wikipedia.

A Shout out to Bryce
and his magic Rabbit.


Small but sweet, English band logo, see if you can figure out the band?

Fantastic balloon art,
the guy is a genius, wow!

Get a lucky tattoo - add good fortune to a special day - free your soul - what the heck?
Do you really need a reason to get fresh ink? Treat yourself.

New jewelry came in. See some here, new everyday low pricing, call or visit the shop.
Really LARGE MEN'S STUDS, round or square. $20.00 a pair sterling silver posts.
New nipple bars with hanging gems and pearls, safety pins, ear spirals, & more.

If you want to
Link to my website,
feel free to do so.    
 Submit your website to us

Just a shout out to my regulars who have keep me and the shop going in this bizarre economy.
I truly am feeling more established these days as I settle into the Great Northwest.


Girl of my dreams, if this is you, apply for the job of my girlfriend.

The best
Wine Bottle
opener in the world.
This link was on my old website and by popular demand it is now on this one, enjoy.

Bus Routes 
"Metro" Homepage for schedules

Below are two funny keyboard characters. 
Feel free to copy and paste them, anywhere.

                 (o o)

(")_(")'s a bunny...

Gorgeous Butterfly
on the hip.

Seattle Parks & Recreation Guide.

"The Little Prince."
Way cool tattoo, combining elements and text from the story.

Ever wonder why
the Middle East is in
Deep Doo Doo?

 Instep tattoo - covers up two old tattoos with an Octopus! 
Various photos of the tattoo -
Octopus 1  
Octopus 2
Octopus 3

For you snorkelers and skin divers :
 Tropical Fish, Sea Life, Tribal Hammerhead Sharks

Skulls of our creators.

NASA footage
and explanation of outer space phenomenon, strange stuff.

What our astronauts have said regarding UFOs and Alien life forms.

Also 8 part short videos on YouTube explain anti-gravity for us layman's and it is amazing. 
You ask," What does this have to do with tattoos?".  I answer," Nothing". Just fun stuff.

More, it's gets better.

Fresh Ink - hot from the oven! Psalm 40:2 vertically placed on the bicep.

Hey Star Wars fans,
 I just did a
"Bobo Fatt"
insignia on a guy's leg,
like red spray paint.

American Indians
Just an interesting website to surf.

Animal Totems
Tattoo Art &
History Museum

Great Link to Polynesian Tattoos, their history, and a whole lot more.

The Ice Maiden,
tattooed woman,
maybe a Priestess,
of the Pazyrk,
500 b.c. -
 More about her.

Pazyryk Scythians
with tattoos
 from 3,000 b.c.
more illustrations.

Petroglyphs of Scythians
as seen above in their tattoos, as I screen capture from TV show.

Hawaiian God Rising
by Doz

An 18 year old girl gets 56 stars tattooed on her face.
It happened in Brussels and
I think that tattoo artist's
judgment stinks.

Liberating Tattoo

(I am working on rebuilding the images that were on this page
- give me a few days, years, whatever - ha ha ha,
I wish I knew what I was doing.)

Forearm Star

Blue morning glories.

Denny Creek Trail
It has several waterfalls and is a
10 miler round trip.

 X - Box - ers,
bring in your designs
get tattooed here
in Redmond.
Live Action Role Players
get your magic ink here. Custom Tribal Insignias,
Ruin text or compass,
and more.

Greta, rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and
is reborn in life.

Greta returned February 2011 for two more tattoos. 
Adinkra symbol on the
inside and a horse on the outside  of her left calf..

Tattoo of ancient hammered metal, with image of Odin,
done as a tattoo.

Nice, simple - Red & Hot Pink
Shoulder blade butterfly.

Jeremy, after recovering from a bad fall mountain climbing, rises again like a phoenix from the ashes.
Jeremy - stop in and say hello sometime.

Jeremy adds the "Fire of Enlightenment" to his Phoenix Rising today 12/13/2008.

Mom gets some "Magic Circles".

Ladies like forearm tattoos also.
Four Petal Cherry Blossoms,
symbolize an Irish Heritage,
Oriental beauty, and birth signs of the collector & mate.12/03/08.

A mother and son - bond - with shared tattoos. Way cool - great time had by all.

Wesley's buddy drew a Samurai with a gas mask and
 I tattooed it on his upper right hand side - shoulder blade.

Why go to a -
"Seattle Tattoo Shop?"
when you can go to
- "your" -
"East Side Tattoo Shop"
close by.

Drop the remote control, get off the couch, step away from the TV, drive here and spend the rent money! Get the tattoo - forget the blahs and shout the ahhs.
If you have to ask someone for permission,
well then, I give you permission.

The Dragonfly is the State of Washington's chosen state insect -
check out some cool photos of them.

If you are a veteran or have been or are now in the military and have gotten divorced - please visit this new group -
Second Class Citizens.

♥ ♠ ♦ ♣
Do you guys and gals follow Martial Arts?
Links of interest below.

Lifetime earnings
for MMA fighters.

Rules for the UFC

Lowkick - MMA
The latest Video clips of fights, fighters & interviews.

My Sensei for Martial Arts
  He loves his students and spent a great deal of time teaching us to master "Ki" energy, for healing and martial art applications
He always said the highest form of martial arts is to subdue your opponent without injury, using non-lethal force if possible.
 Non - injury.

♥ ♠ ♦ ♣

Mitsuyo Maeda

Two National Geographic specials:
Amazing scientific
analysis of Martial Arts force and skills by real PhD's
and professionals

Also Special Ops 
More on Fight Science Series.


Halo artist gets "inked" at Ambrosia Tattoo.
Special meanings of the two tattoos for the family.

A regular - starts a sleeve.
Japanese (swirls, cherry blossoms, shaded tones)
& Northwest (stars).

Celebrating her survival from an aneurism,
one year prior, this young woman gets a special tattoo, just for herself.

The above two tattoos,
a three headed cobra
and Anubis appear on the same Shaman.

I want thank Mark Flynn of WebforeSite
for all his help.
He taught me FTP Protocols in 3 days, to rectify my website. He made himself available around the clock - an IT guru.
I want to thank two special friends, who know who they are (and will remain unnamed) for making my Anniversary - a wonderful day.
Thank you for lunch and dinner. A special thanks to gardener and landscape architect,
Jean Albrecht

Homemade Pisces.


Fresh tattoo & client, starts to teach me to work my camera options,
maybe, just maybe I will take better photos.

An act of "Faith".

"The Future of Food",
Monsanto wants to own all plants, trees, insects, food on the Earth, see the GMOs, and the strategy behind them - this is insanity - they even invented the "Terminator Seed" - plants that do not reproduce so they can control the food supply on the Earth.  A very informative movie.  You will see that the woman ahead of the EPA is a Monsanto employee.  What can the common man do to stop this?

Your nearby tattoo specialist, skin magician and body art skin practitioner.
Serving Redmond and the greater community since 6/01/2005.

To all the local State of Washington folks who patronize the shop, THANKS, it is scary moving from one state to another in hopes of making a living and an existence.
Serving these communities and more.
So far I have tattooed people from Redmond, Duvall, Bothell, Kirkland, Renton, Portland, North Bend, Bellevue, Woodinville, Everett, Conconully, West Chicago, Sammamish, San Diego, Nevada City, Seattle, Albany, Canby, Lynnwood and more, and various other states of the USA, even Rhode Island. whew!
Tourists also from Australia, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Russia, India, Asia, almost everywhere.

Looking for a tattoo artist in Seattle?
You can get the best right here in Redmond, Washington.
Check out the shop.
Those that do get tattooed!

Watch a real hero give a real speech about the truth in the Sudan. 
This man overcame everything, hear Simon Deng speak at the Durban Conference in NY.


A personal foot note.

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