- Stay tuned to this upcoming week beginning 5/18/2015 -
If it is a go - all things are in place - new website has been crafted, should we get the Okay.  Details by the end of this new week.
I too like everyone else am being patient.  Many a friend has been assisting in
this rather awkward transition.  Thanks for waiting.
To be clear there is no tattooing at the Ballarat address. Fret not I will start over.

Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery is in search of a happy new place to create art, tattoos, and share a cup of tea and dialogue about the magical, mystical, cosmos and maybe some I Ching, Tarot, cribbage and board games with the other creative souls out there.
I am looking into all my options and have some possibilities - so stay tuned my loyal clients and prospective new ones - be assured I am seeking a new location to work from. This will take sometime, and I hope to find a good place to settle. This whole website will be condensed and redone when I have a new location. When I find my new place to hang my hat, I will refresh all my internet presence, which is on hold until I am settled elsewhere. I am also writing my book, reviewing my life and looking into my soul for a renewed and a better beginning.
 I find every other city I visit to be most kind and helpful, Thanks to all my friends for moral support.
With a little luck, hard work, and good fortune I shall be relocated by mid summer.
Just drop me an email at tatguy@tatguy.com to stay in touch, check in to see if I am alive, or drag me outside to play.

There is demand for me to continue as an artist and I will.