"Ambrosia" is the Nectar of the Gods.

Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C.
1311 Puget St. NE
Olympia, Washington 98506
Thurston County Area

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"Ambrosia" is the Nectar of the Gods.
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All this artwork on this website was created by me, an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.  All the tattoos were done by me. I am the owner/operator here and a life long dedicated artist.  I love my life and job.

Hello, I am David Herman.
I am the tattoo artist
known as "Doz".


New location of home and tattoo studio.  Tattoo studio of an Olypia Washington tattoo artist.  Enjoy custom tattoos.
potted palm and entry photo i will open

My shop is behind my residence.  These photos help you find my home and shop.

Stained Glass abstracht window by an Olympia Washington tattoo artist, David Herman known as "Doz".
Brand new white leather visitor sofa to
Right of entrance door inside shop at Am

He stepped out onto the Mesa, standing on the tall natural formation, and gestured with his fist to the full moon and white river of stars in the Milky Way. Alive through incarnations for what seemed an eternity, and though approaching quarter 3 of his life, he was frustrated that ultimate questions and yearnings for truth of the richest and deepest intrinsic energies eluded his quest. He kicked the dirt like a stallion wanting to leap the fence - eyes a glare, a snarl showing teeth, as he spoke loudly at the night as though someone or something was listening. He had dragged palms and blankets up with him to assemble a small organic structure to spend the night in, with a gourd lashed to his hip, and a bag of bone tools, flints for fire, and inks to tattoo his leg in the light of the moon up there, alone, except for his two wolves he trained from pups that paced about the top looking down and around for uninvited guests. Sitting on the deerskin rug, over the pig skin and earth, he pulled up his woven wool hood and unrolled his calf sack of tools and paints to begin, of course following a three finger tall swig of coffee, chocolate and a few divine herbs of his skills as a seeker of wisdoms. Remembering that night where the "visitor" stepped right out of the sky by the river, he decided to bond with that entity, and tapped in a tribal design with his bison bones into his left calf, sitting cross legged, calf in front of him, absolutely still in full control of his self while he drank, working as the hours passed. Now done and admiring his work, wiping his leg with the healing salve from his bicep bag, and the wolves sitting beside him, he made a fire for the three of them. He made the hand signs he saw the "visitor" make and played a tune on the small deep pitched flute. It was then, as he finally calmed, that the "visitor" stepped forth from the air and walked across the sky to him. His faith restored and his intrinsic powers on full alert, this nine foot tall being sat down beside him.

Tattoo of a Steller Jay is above.
This tattoo with a drop shadow helps "lift" it into the air
in a dozen colors.

I can tattoo any style, full color or not, tribal, black and shaded, custom, cartoon, fantasy, watercolor,
you name it.

Take some time beforehand to prepare and think about what you want, then do it!!!

Here are a pair of calves I tattooed.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.
This forearm is part of a sleeve for a good friend.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.
Custom work as always for my client.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.
This tattoo is a cover up of keloid scars from operation after a collapsed lung, impossible to tell where scars are now.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.

Park directly in front of house, or in the back, accessed by alley.
Then knock on front or side door of house if I am not in the shop.
Get a fresh new custom designed tattoo by a real artist, and celebrate life, that's it!


In the working stages

Above are three interior photos taken of the whole custom space.

Get tattoos by someone who really cares.

Master of the "Elixir of Immortality".

Wizard on left and Angel Bot on right are digital artworks by me, "Doz".

New concept for female fembot by doz pro

Some Sci- Fi Text, by me for fun. 

Most of the varieties of Pacu are vegetarian.  So this one eats raddishes.

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