"Ambrosia" is the Nectar of the Gods.

Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C.
1311 Puget St. NE
Olympia, Washington 98506
Thurston County Area

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"Ambrosia" is the Nectar of the Gods.
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Hello, I am David Herman.
I am the tattoo artist
known as "Doz".


Get tattoos by someone who really cares.

New location of home and tattoo studio.  Tattoo studio of an Olypia Washington tattoo artist.  Enjoy custom tattoos.
potted palm and entry photo i will open

My shop is behind my residence.  These photos help you find my home and shop.

Brand new white leather visitor sofa to
Stained Glass abstracht window by an Olympia Washington tattoo artist, David Herman known as "Doz".
Right of entrance door inside shop at Am

Above are three interior photos taken of the whole custom space.

Park directly in front of house, or in the back, accessed by alley.
Then knock on front or side door of house if I am not in the shop.
Get a fresh new custom designed tattoo by a real artist, and celebrate life, that's it!

In the working stages

Master of the "Elixir of Immortality".

Wizard on left and Angel Bot on right are digital artworks by me, "Doz".

New concept for female fembot by doz pro

Click images on pages to enlarge, thank you.

All this artwork on this website was created by me, an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.  All the tattoos were done by me. I am the owner/operator here and a life long dedicated artist.  I love my life and job.

Tattoo of a Steller Jay is above.
This tattoo with a drop shadow helps "lift" it into the air
in a dozen colors.

This forearm is part of a sleeve for a good friend.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.
Custom work as always for my client.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.
This tattoo is a cover up of keloid scars from operation after a collapsed lung, impossible to tell where scars are now.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.

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I can tattoo any style, full color or not, tribal, black and shaded, custom, cartoon, fantasy, watercolor,
you name it.

Take some time beforehand to prepare and think about what you want, then do it!!!

Here are a pair of calves I tattooed.  I am an Olympia Washington tattoo artist.
Most of the varieties of Pacu are vegetarian.  So this one eats raddishes.

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