David I. Herman, "Doz". Doz is just a nickname, we all need one.

I am so glad you have found me! I’m from Michigan but have lived in Washington for 12 years now and I love it. 
I’ve really connected to the Olympia community; the gradual success of my shop is in no small part due to the help of friends and acquaintances I met here in the State of Washington.  It is a dream being realized for me. I love being an artist.
I also love the outdoors and take advantage of every minute I can to enjoy the beauty. 
As people in Washington and Michigan know—nature rules!
I wish I had a staff of people to assist me, but since I don't, please be patient. I try to spend quality time outdoors and take advantage
of every minute I can get out there, as people in Washington and Michigan appreciate, nature rules!  I have decided to make a pretty nice tattoo website, simple and sweet, in my humble opinion. Yes, I like to discuss and present my art, that is after all why you seek me out, as a tattoo man. I am attempting to simplify my website with this new design and make it very efficient and simple to navigate.  
So see the several linked pages of my ink and please set up a consultation for your new ink.  
Everything is as expected is sterilized, single use , and UV sterilized also.
I have tattooed thousands of clients over the years from all over the State of Washington.

      One artist doing one tattoo at a time
Again I feel you should, "
Get inked by someone who cares!"
Private one to one consultations and dreams realized.  Besides ink is fun, socializing is fun, and I wish you all the best!

Below are digital artworks created by me and featured as backgrounds on the website pages.  If you click a digital painting - it will enlarge and you can flip through them at your leisure. Let me take you into my tattoo world! Click the named pages on the menu to see my portfolio with tattoos of a variety of style, as well as cover ups, locations, reviews and more.

"Doz" - at your service.

I even had a visitor that gave some seasoned editing advice. 
I have worked some edits into the text to receive the sincere gift to improve communication.
Please feel free to point out errors you find in grammar, typos, or text, and I will respond with a fix.
It is consolidated a bit more now and faster since I eliminated a large header transferring to every page, great suggestion!

Japanese looking digital sketch.
Japanese looking digital sketch.

This was something I saved as I crafted the full color Puma to be seen in the realistic digital piece also in this series.

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Electric kool-aid ice cubes.
Electric kool-aid ice cubes.

Throw back to the '70s.

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Other world fembot hybrid AI being.
Other world fembot hybrid AI being.

I am in the process of writing a science ficton book. I am about 123 pages into the novel now. This is an early depiction of a very central character, that is all I can reveal now!

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Lovely design and placement.
Yes they did it as a prank together.