I have selected a few Tribal Tattoos from the archives of my work to post and share here. I work all styles and do commission work according to your wishes. This is an strip showcase style display.  Mouse over an image to see, or click it to open a window and use arrows to scroll through images with side arrows. This is fun and a good way to view.

Big Tribal Eagle on calf.
Rasta wild man gets eagle.
Heidi's permanent henna.
Heidi's real henna design inked in.
Dragon in custom swirl design.
Three hammerhead sharks.
Three Hammerhead Sharks.
Ian, sharks, and kilt.
Yin and Yang Feathers.jpg
Vitruvian Man.
No Mind Magic Text.
A bro's new tribal sun.
Marlin Tribal.
Fire of Enlightenment
Nice Island Life.
Digipen Student brings me design.
Megan's scorpion.
Yin and Yang Feathers.
Freestyle tribal deltoid and bicep.
The classic character for "Love".
Silhouette of Micheal Jackson.
Andinka Symbol.
Yin and Yang symbol.
Dragonfly black linework piece.
Butterfly from Lord of the Rings.
The Om symbol.
Boba Fett.
Naruto Symbol ink.
Freestyle Tribal.
Wrought Iron Scrumble Cross.
Don Quixote and Pancho Sanchez.
Client design and my ink.
Chinese Paper Cut Dragon.
Custon Tribal by me.
Northwest Native Art.
Bicep Tribal shaped to client's muscle.
Sleeve in progress.
Secret meaning.
Air sign and Aquarius Tribal.