Welcome to the "Book your FREE Consultation" page of information.

It is here you can book a FREE 30 MINUTE tattoo consultation for anyone.  
Anyone is: a newbie, a returning client, a collector of ink from all different artists, someone who seeks the best cover-ups in the world (see footer for cover-ups images), or even to hire me to do a paid design and have it emailed to you anywhere in the world.  I have sent designs everywhere and that way you can have an artist where you live tattoo artwork by me on you.  Please call my shop at (360) 861- 4619 to discuss personally if you wish and begin the process.  Use Skype even to show me an image, if I am not available leave a complete message: Name, area code and phone number, best time to call.

Directly to the left is a tattoo design in color as an example.  When you visit the shop you will be able to see countless designs and discuss specifically what you have in mind, in a special attention one - to - one consultation.

To the left below is Lucy, she now has two full sleeves by me, both designed around Pink Floyd, the band.  You, like her can begin your tattoo journey with a free consultation.  After which I wil give you a quote to draw up a fantastic design and tattoo you with it.  It is a very satisfying experience.
Tattoos allow you to "claim" your body.  Each area is a different set of experiences and sensations.
Always people agonize over the first tattoo, but number two comes easy and is looked forward to with excitement.  Each time you get ink, if you are building a sleeve to an arm, a legging to a leg, a back or chest piece, gives you someting to look forward too.

Enter the world of the tattooed!  It is very unique, exciting, and no one can ever take your tattoo away.  Celebrate events, or mark a birth or death, get a symbol of animae, or any forign language, it is up to you.

I will help you realize your dreams if given a chance, thanks and good luck with best wishes for 2016!

I am your host, "Doz" and I am at your service.  Please visit me and my shop for the best in custom tattooing and artwork by a dedicated professional in the tattooing business.  Go for it!
You know you need to spoil yourself!

Hello my fellow body art enthusiasts.
I have added this page to alert you to free consultations and suggest you to take advantage of that, introduce yourself to the location, schedule your visit, and get to know a shop off the main drag.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.