"PCB" or Printed Circuit Board Paintings by Doz.  
Fine art paintings utilizing Printed Circuitry Boards as the material to be manipulated into works of art of any style.  We are availible for commissioned custom art.

PCB Boards are printed circuitry boards inside computers that normally have circuitry and parts soldered to them for function.  I have created artist images using the material that cover the boards and also take into account the opaque board substrate as though it was a color also.  The following designs are on boards with 5 layers of cover materials each.  Below is a viewing cube of designs for your viewing pleasure.  Click the arrows on either side of the image to see another image.  The ones you can totally see are 2 inches square.  The cropped ones are larger 4 x 6 inches works of art.  The image of the bands show you the layers of materials.  
Contact Blake Ramsdell on Hackaday : https://hackaday.io/bcr.  with inquiries about our business in PCB Boards.
Thank you for viewing this new medium for creativity and fine art.
Just "mouse over" lower left corner of any image for a title of what you are viewing.

mucha inspired art 4 x 6 inch PCB board
origami bee 4 x 6 inch PCB board
heart of gold 4 x 6 inch PCB board
nerd girl
pause for a smoke 4 x 6 inch PCB board
inspired robot head
dragon and sun pcb square
aquadic spaceman
Ada pcb square
illuminationfish pcb board
dancing in the heavens
hand and cigar or some smoking item
botgrabtrump style
tequila diamonds
zen monk at peace
the material substrate and layers for viewing

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