As I build my website for my new location at:
1311 Puget St NE, Olympia Washington 98506, I am transfering testimonials and reviews from my other websites. I have made this new consolidated website for your pleasure, please read and feel secure and knowledgeable when you visit.

I have been tattooing about 17 years, come get ink by a thinking and qualified artist.

Reviews of Tattoos received at Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, L.L.C.  
These tattoos were all done by me, David Herman,
my artist nickname is "Doz".


Testimonials and Reviews Page.
I am encouraged always to perform to a higher standard as I receive these nice emails from clients.
I have decided to include some positive feedback to make newbie's feel comfortable
(and give my ego a boost).
Up to date  "Citysearch"  reviews.

Each customer's tattoo and letter follows below on this page, enjoy.

A letter from a college student in New York.
Just wanted to say - my college class did a report on body modifications and tattoos. One of their examples was from your site! It was a very nice Star of David tat on a guy's upper arm. They gave you credit for it.

I just thought it was awesome that all the way over here in New York, people can find your great work on the 'net! ...and that I happened to have had one of your pieces of art on me... in the same class at the same time they presented their project. When your picture of the guy's tat popped up on the screen with your logo, I did a double-take. I was like "That's my guy! Small world... to think, of all the pictures out there, they chose that very picture from the awesome artist I went to in Seattle to get my tattoo done".

I'm proud to have been a client of yours!

I'd love another tattoo at some point, but I need to find a way to get back to you in Washington (haha)! I feel so strongly about having you do my next piece. I grow more in love with my piece every day and am so pleased I had the grace of your talent to make it a reality.

Have a great one!
Sara Hulse

Here is a review by a happy client who came to me
to rework and color her existing tattoos and line work.

I highly recommend Doz for any tattoos you are considering. I had quite a bit of existing ink on my back, and wanted someone to refine the color and transform a couple of the older tats to make them look like they were part of newer work. Doz did an exceptional job re-coloring the existing scene and providing a vision for how to reshape and incorporate the older ones. He is a true artist and professional! The colors he chose, have added depth, dimension and “pop”. I love it! Doz took time to listen and understand what I wanted, provided valuable guidance and options, and quickly got to work. I have received so many compliments on the new ink. Great work, clean shop, comfortable atmosphere, and a true artist at work!


Hi David,
I wanted to thank you for making my first tattoo experience fun! I love the freestyle work you did to make it perfect. Your attention to detail is fantastic. I also appreciate the whole experience - you have a first-class business where I felt very comfortable in a quiet, private, clean environment. And it really didn't hurt!
It was not an easy decision for me to take this step, and I'm very happy I did.
I'm already thinking about the next one….
Thanks for everything!

Some friends and relatives already "thumbs up"
about your excellent craftsmanship. Great job and Muchas Gracias!
See you soon!

Just wanted to let you know our tattoos are doing great and were totally in love with them! We have gotten tons of compliments on them too. Thank again! :)
Sierra & Mike

Illustrative style, octopus, on the forearm.

Hey Doz, Yeah, she really liked it and is looking forward to the next couple of tattoos. Thanks again for the great tattoo. Garrett  

Tattoo done on 2/23/2012.
I cannot thank you enough and how much this tattoo means to me. I filled you in on the meaning and thank you with adjusting to get in my deceased fathers initials and the year he died.  I am truly thankful for having your art on my arm.  I had such a good time talking with you while getting my work done.  I left there with a great piece of art and learned a little about a lot of different topics.  It's my wife's turn next but I look forward to my next piece and to be able to chat. 
Thank you again,
See you soon, Eric G and remember to live life and pray "Without Ceasing"....

Loving your art! Can't thank you enough! and when we returned to the pub we were swarmed.... so lots of good words went your way! Tonight you are our hero!!!
Thank You!

Hey Doz, 
Healed up great!  Had no issues at all.  Tat is perfect. 
You did a fantastic job on the detail work.  I could not be more impressed with your work. 
 Thanks again

First Tattoo after Christmas, on 12/26/2010.

You did my tattoo on the day after Christmas,  it looks fabulous by the way and healed perfectly......can I set an appointment with you to get a letter "K" in the same font and
2 small Celtic crosses on my other arm to commemorate my sister Kathryn who passed away? 
I wanted to see if you could do it next Monday the 10th.
Joe Winter


Our dog Chester coincidentally became sick at the time I got my tattoo.  We had to put him to sleep on the 23rd, which of course is very sad for us.  As my dog was going thru his pain, I was going thru my tattoo pain. I felt it very significant. I had to focus on taking care of him and set my pain aside.  The "mum" signifies strength, love and happiness.
I was lucky to have a dog like Chester but saddened by his loss.
Thanks again for an awesome tattoo:)


Hey Doz, Today was the best impulsive thing I've done in a very long time. I appreciate you trying to help me feel comfortable in the shop, I'm sure you could feel me freaking out at first. The conversation got easier as the tattoo hurt more! ha ha As you could see by the work I've had done in the past, this tattoo today was the highest quality, it is beautiful! I'm excited to catch the little flower buds peaking out of my sleeve every once in a while. Feels like I'm getting away with something. Silly but makes me feel like a sexy woman. I am going to post a comment on my 'biker or Not' profile if you don't mind. I would hope it will bring you some local business.

I'll definitely be back when I come up with a new idea. Take good care and best wishes for a busy summer. Mary ***

Hey There Dave,
" I had fun getting my tattoo. The environment was clean, I really liked the design on the tattoo, and Dave was a professional through the whole process.  I wish I had known him prior to getting my other two tats is all I can say. I will definitely revisit when I am ready for another tattoo".

     I was thrilled with your great spirit and the awesome atmosphere that you have.  As we discussed, my other two tattoos were like a freak show for everyone to come watch, with you, I felt private and was able to experience my tattoo more spiritually and I was able to enjoy my new GREAT piece of art. 
I can't stop looking at it.  I love what you did and am thankful I was referred to you. 
I will pass it forward to my friends in the tattoo world and send them your way!
Thank you Doz!!!
 Chelsea M. from Monroe

Thank you so much! Choosing your shop was the best decision. Your humor and the movie watching really made the atmosphere relaxing and took my focus off the fact that I was getting tattooed.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a place to get a tattoo.

Thank you again,
     Ps. I hope you liked the teriyaki

If you couldn't tell, I was extremely nervous when I came in. My heart was pounding like crazy the moments before you began tattooing. But your personality and store atmosphere made it a very comfortable and stress free experience. I am loving my tattoo and I want to thank you for doing such an awesome job at it. Good luck with the two other tattoos and I hope you keep doing well! Thanks again for everything.
PS Thanks again for the snack. I was very hungry.

A major life event brought me to Ambrosia, David, thank you so much for helping me. You took what was a muddled idea and changed it into a work of art. You memorialized my father and Papa into one very beautiful and magikal piece. You also made the who process a life-changing event. Your insight and creative process are amazing. I can not thank you enough for finding a way to transfer love onto skin. Everyone who has seen it has asked me about you. I have told them how you made it a special time for me. You are a wonderful and fascinating man. Keep being you. Thank you once again for the meaning and magik!
                                                                                        Joan Murphy Nihart