- award winning original artwork by myself, David I. Herman, "Doz".

The Original in Gauche.
This beautiful hand painted original is in guauche a professional water color paint.  
It is selected because of its beautiful richness of pigment and archieval lasting quality.  
The original is painted on 100% cold pressed smooth surface board.  It is framed in wood and matted with archieval materials.
A decent close up here, you really must see the actual original to appreciate this one, photographs new look as good as the original.

Priced at $1,500.00

Original hand painted art by Doz.  I painted this with an inspiration of spiritual awareness.  It represents male or female deep contemplation, while on a personal vision quest.  The journeying person wears a wolf skin, and it's eyes of magic grow dim.

Prints ready for Framing.
Beautiful Limited Edition Prints are available - signed and numbered by me.  
Click photo to enlarge.

They measure 18 3/4" by  24 3/4" on the outside paper's edge, image area is 14 3/4" x 19 1/4".
This photo is cropped in close to show painting, however the white border is a few inches on all sides, allowing plenty of white to frame
and matte your print the way you like it, to enjoy.
A cosmic meditation and inspired artwork.

Priced at $29.95

You are invited to visit the shop and see many more of my paintings.  There are many for sale.  They are all originals and are painted on canvas or MDF board, which is a dimensionally stable composite used by architects.  Most paintings are mixed media and all are varnished and prepared to last. The majority have some basis in Sacred Geometry and it's mathematical proportions.  All have themes of their own.